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Conway Stewart  Professional Series

The new Conway Stewart Professional Series is designed to reflect the dedication and life's work of individual professional fields. These striking new pens are crafted of gleaming black resin and engraved with intricate patterns.

With the launch of the new Professional Series, Conway Stewart celebrates the Legal and Medical fields.

The Lawyer's edition cafted of gleaming solid black resin, An elegantly designed engraving pattern along the full length of both cap and barrel, which are set off with solid sterling silver trim. The intricate engraving catches the light, bringing the pen to life in the hand. The large solid sterling silver cap band is engraved with the scales of justice, symbolizing the balance between truth and fairness sought after in the justice system. The cap is further accented by the famous quote by Learned Hand.

The Doctor's edition is based on our popular Marlborough Vintage model. Crafted from genuine ebonite, the material of choice for fountain pen manufacturers through the early 1930s. This new design is accented with the classic pinstripe engraving pattern along the full length of both cap and barrel, which is further set off with a tiffany polishing process to create a matt finish.On the reverse side of the barrel and opposite the lever mechanism, we have engraved the Staff of Aesculapius design, symbolic of healing and the medicinal arts.

The Professional Series are perfectly balanced in the hand, and feature solid 18 carat gold nibs with rhodium plating to match the hallmarked sterling silver trim, and utilizes the reliable cartridge converter filling system.

Conway Stewart Winston


To compliment the classic favourite Conway Stewart Flagship model Churchill, the new Winston brings a fresh, modern style to the timeless oversize flat top look. With a slight taper to the barrel end and a gently rounded cap top, the Winston brings the flat top design into the twenty first century, while still holding true to the classic styling cues that made the original Conway Stewart pens of the 1920s famous.

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Conway Stewart Churchill group


Inspired by the great British statesman, who used our pens during the war years, the Churchill Collection is in every way an impressive pen, and not least because of its size.

The award winning Churchill model is available in two writing modes -- fountain pen or roller ball.  The fountain pen model is launched in the traditional lever fill and modern converter cartridge filling mechanisms with a choice of eight 18 carat solid gold nib grades: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad.

Each pen is housed in our exclusive Conway Stewart Churchill gift presentation comprising a book of Churchill quotes, a Churchill cigar and a bottle of Conway Stewart ink.

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Conway Stewart Marlborough Resin

The Marlborough regular edition is crafted from the highest quality hand made resins exclusively made for Conway Stewart. Each piece is carefully examined for colour, pattern, and consistency. Once personally selected by our craftsman in Devon, the resin material is turned into pen parts, hand assembled, hand polished, and carefully hand fitted to ensure that every Marlborough writing instrument is kept to our highest standards of quality.

The barrel is accented with wide solid precious metal bands, while the bandless cap is set off with an engraved design at the top, reminiscent of some of the very early pen designs from Conway Stewart.

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Wellington Series

Conway Stewart  wellington in classic green Conway Stewart  wellington in black whirl Conway Stewart  wellington in classic brown Conway Stewart  wellington in classic black


The Wellington is a substantial pen, available in a choice of four writing modes: elegant fountain pen, smooth writing roller ball, convenient ball pen and pencil. The striking new design has been crafted with a subtly curvaceous form to both cap and barrel, an exciting new shape that sets the Wellington apart from traditional pen designs. The Wellington was created with an eye to the Continental flair for a sleek and classic look. This combines with our time honoured use of rich marbled resin and polished gold trim to result in a pen that suits both high fashion as well as tasteful refinement.

Conway Stewart  Belliver series

The Belliver model from Conway Stewart is a return to the finest traditions of CS heritage, rooted in attention to detail, a perfect size and weight, as well as a timeless design married to understated accents. From the carefully crafted resin cap and barrel to the rich gold trim and expertly fitted 18 carat solid gold nib, the Belliver was created with one goal in mind: Making the experience of writing as perfect as possible.

The Belliver is sized to be ideal for the widest possible range of hand sizes and writing styles. Not so large as to be unwieldy in the hand, but still of a size to command instant attention, as well as to afford a comfortable grip. The Belliver is balanced using a solid brass barrel liner to offer just enough weight for the pen to sit easily in the hand without becoming tiring during long periods of writing. The cap is lighter in weight, allowing it to post securely on the end of the barrel if you so choose. The section is gently tapered to bolster the comfort of writing with the Belliver.

When creating this new design, the craftsmen at Conway Stewart were inspired by some of the greatest designs of the company’s history. Looking to provide not merely an attractive pen, but a true modern classic that would serve faithfully as a reliable and enjoyable fine writing instrument.

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Conway Stewart Model 58

The new release of the Model 58 is Conway Stewart's homage to one of the company's classic models, a pen revered in its original form by vintage pen collectors for the wide range of vibrant materials and variations. Serving as one of Conway Stewart's flagship models throughout the golden age of fountain pens, the Model 58 is brought to new life in a selection of exciting colours inspired in part by the materials from the 1930s.

Images of Montague and Capulet editions

The Montague and Capulet series II from Conway Stewart celebrates the principal characters of Shakespeare’s eternal classic Romeo and Juliet, bringing a graceful and elegant slim design to life in the hand. Based on the original Babbage model, these pens feature a construction of hand cast acrylic resin for the cap, barrel and gripping section. The Capulet is available in five new vibrant finishes: Cardinal Red, Copper Bronze, Evergreen, Lavender and Sea Green, while the Montague is crafted in gleaming Classic Black finished with graceful guilloche style engraving.

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Conway Stewart Fine Accessories
Conway Stewart Inks   Conway Stewart  'Fountain Pens for the Million'

Conway Stewart is pleased to announce the launch of our new ink line with our working partner, Diamine Ink. We chose to work with Diamine because of their rich English heritage.

Manufacturers since 1864, Diamine Ink has successfully incorporated the traditional methods and formulas for ink production which are water based, perfect for new and vintage fountain pens.

Launched in a choice of six colours and named after points of interest close to our factory in Devon, our new ink line is offered in the substantial 80 ml size bottles with exclusive Conway Stewart packaging.

' Fountain Pens for the Million' features 300 pages of history, more than 700 illustrations -- it is a reference book that will undoubtedly appeal to all Conway Stewart vintage and modern enthusiasts as well as those interested in the history of British writing instruments.


In 1905 when Conway Stewart was formed, Jarvis and Garner had a single aim, to produce elegant, timelessly beautiful,
yet functional writing instruments. Today one hundred years later we still hold true to these original goals.

Conway Stewart is the only British manufacturer still hand-making pens in the United Kingdom. Our pens are individually turned, assembled and polished. We use only the richest materials and solid 18 carat gold nibs and bands.