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Images of Montague and Capulet editions


The 2013 Montague and Capulet series from Conway Stewart celebrates
the principal characters of Shakespeare’s eternal classic Romeo and Juliet,
bringing a graceful and elegant slim design to life in the hand.


Image of Montague and Capulet editions


Image of Montague and Capulet editions

Based on the original sterling silver Babbage model, these pens features a construction of hand cast acrylic resin for the cap, the barrel and gripping section. The Capulet is available in five new vibrant finishes: Cardinal Red, Copper Bronze, Evergreen, Lavender and Sea Green, while the Montague is crafted in gleaming Classic Black finished with graceful guilloche style engraving.

These pens continue to take the Conway Stewart collection to a new level of everyday practicality, with their slim lines and perfectly balanced light weight, they fit superbly into today’s busy lifestyles.

Practical to use for day planners or briefcases — the Montague and Capulet are a perfect accessory for every executive and aficionado of fine writing instruments.

While remaining comfortable in the hand, this new series is designed to take on a role as both functional and elegant. The fountain pen version is fitted with our large 18 carat solid gold nib in a choice of eight nib grades ranging from Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium, Italic Broad, and utilises the reliable, easy to use cartridge converter system. The Montague and Capulet II are also available as roller balls for those who prefer the ease of use without forsaking the graceful flow of liquid ink on paper.

The Montague is a slim and stylish model in deep Classic Black, covered cap and barrel with flowing lines of deeply etched guilloche style engraving. Reminiscent of the classic vintage designs of the 1920s, the Montague calls to mind elegant black tie functions and formal events, it is refined and understated.

The Capulet is brought to life through the choice of four bold energetic finishes all with shimmering shades of pearlescent to form a backdrop of swirling lines for each finish. Cardinal Red, Copper Bronze, Lavender and the popular Sea Green. The Evergreen associates with the colours of nature: bands of dark green, light green and cream. The greens have subtle specks of pearlescent which give the colours depth and harmonize with the brightly polished sterling silver trim.

The packaging for the new Conway Stewart Montague and Capulet series has been designed to house your writing instrument and to serve as a showcase pen stand for the desk. The display box is crafted of luxurious full grain leather in a rich black colour. Not only is this an elegant and stylish presentation to house and protect your gift, the top of the lid can be reversed to make an executive desk stand for display.

As with all our Conway Stewart pens, every writing instrument is crafted in our workshops located in Plymouth, the Heart of Devon, England.


Image of Montague and Capulet editions

L to R: Capulet Copper Bronze, Cardinal Red, Lavender, Sea Green, Montague Classic Black., Capulet Evergreen

Conway Stewart writing instruments are of a traditional, classical design and have proven to stand the test of time.

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