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Wellington Series
Image of Wellington Pens

image of Duke of WellingtonArthur Wesley was born in Dublin in 1769. In 1798, his aristocratic Anglo-Irish family changed their name to Wellesley. In honour of Sir Arthur Wellesley, Conway Stewart commemorates the Duke of Wellington's life by offering the Wellington as a new model within our range of fine quality writing instruments. Wellington is widely considered as one of the leading military and political figures of the first half of the 19th century, a prominent figure in the history of England. He achieved many heights throughout his political career: an Anglo-Irish general and statesman, chief secretary for Ireland, ambassador to France, commander in chief of the British army, victor at the Battle of Waterloo, twice British prime minister and was one of the leading figures in the House of Lords.

image of wellington in classic blackThe Wellington is a substantial pen, available in a choice of four writing modes: elegant fountain pen, smooth writing roller ball, convenient ball pen and pencil. The striking new design has been crafted with a subtly curvaceous form to both cap and barrel, an exciting new shape that sets the Wellington apart from traditional pen designs. The Wellington was created with an eye to the Continental flair for a sleek and classic look. This combines with our time honoured use of rich marbled resin and polished gold trim to result in a pen that suits both high fashion as well as tasteful refinement.

Exceptional care and attention is given by our experienced craftsmen as they assemble each pen on site at our factory premises in Devon, UK. The barrel of the each pen is accented by two 18 carat hallmarked solid gold bands. The nibs are also crafted out of 18 carat solid gold and available in a choice of eight grades from Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad. Special attention is given to our nibs to ensure a smooth wet line, satisfying even the most demanding writer, and the Wellington utilizes the reliable cartridge converter filling system.

The Wellington is offered in eight popular classic colours: Azure, Black Whirl, Classic Black, Classic Brown, Classic Green, Pistachio, Shingle and WhiteWhirl.

image of wellington in classic green

One of our most popular colours, Classic Green, brings its graceful blend of light and dark green to the Wellington, and the result is no less than you might expect.

The subtle play of light from the pearlescent light green hints at the depths of this material.

The deeper shades of the dark green marbling further accent the magnificent blend of colour

The Classic Green Wellington is another pen that feels right at home in either the boardroom or the privacy of your own desk.


The Black Whirl Wellington is perfect companion for lovers of our Crimson Whirl. Both bold and adventurous, this finish is a hit for those who demand the cutting edge of design.

Shimmering shades of pearlescent deep red are blended together to form the backdrop to swirling lines of rich black. The effect is stunning and outspoken. The Black Whirl is both bold and adventurous taking this whirl design to new heights

Due to the individual nature of this material, no two Black Whirl Wellington pens will look exactly alike.

image of wellington in black whirl
image of wellington in classic brown

Classic Brown brings a stately and elegant simplicity to the Wellington.

Reminiscent of the finest antique tortoiseshell, this colour is a rich blend of light and dark red-browns that shine from within with a slight pearlescent glow.

Classic and refined, this is a colour that fits as perfectly in the pocket of a tailored suit jacket as it does in the side pocket of your favourite blue jeans.

Conway Stewart writing instruments are of a traditional, classical design and have proven to stand the test of time.

The Wellington Series is housed in our luxury Conway Stewart centenary packaging.
It is lined in a deep lush velvet in our corporate colours.

To order your pen, please choose your preferred payment currency below.
During the order process you will be invited to add comments about your order.
Please use this section to specify your nib choice and writing mode (e.g. fountain pen).

Retail List Price Fountain Pen: £405 $669 €486
Retail List Price Roller Ball: £381 $629 €457



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Last updated: October 9, 2011