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Maki-e Collection

The first in our Limited Edition Maki-e Collection is the English Rose


Conway Stewart is working with many highly praised and recognized Maki-e artists for our 2006 collection.
For the English Rose, we are honored to work with the renowned artisan Mr. Koichiro Okazaki.


The English Rose

More than a mere flower, the rose has throughout history been associated with England, beginning with its use as household symbols by both Lancaster and York during the War of the Roses. The adaptation of the Tudor Rose by Henry VII as a symbol of the union between these two houses marked the beginning of one of the most important periods of English history. England left the medieval ages and came into it's own on the world stage under the symbol of the Tudor Rose.

Roses are also highly prized by avid gardeners throughout the world. And nowhere more so than in traditional English gardens, many of which showcase elaborate displays of exotic varieties in a blinding profusion of types and colors.

An English Rose is unique, seductive, and enchanting with a romantic fragrance.
On a warm summer evening, a stroll in an English rose garden ranks among the
best of life's experiences.

From the Rose as a symbol of our island nation's rich tapestry of history and heritage, we turn to the Conway Stewart English Rose. This is a beautiful example of the highest quality Maki-e artwork applied to our classic Churchill fountain pen. Resplendent in rich light and dark reds softly blended with gleaming layers of gold, the gently blossoming roses spring to life against the glossy black background of the cap and barrel.

We are honored to work with the renowned artisan Mr. Koichiro Okazaki. His work signature is Kogaku san. Born in 1959, Kogaku san has been the recipient of prestigious recognition, including being awarded Kao (his authorized monogram) from Kuda Munenori of Sado Omote School as well as placing in several National Urushi related exhibitions. Kogaku san's art is very popular and can be seen on many traditional accessories such as ornamental hair pins, and jewelry. He has a very strong following and is much admired by people collecting his work on very expensive combs used for decorative purposes. One of his most distinguished works was on a Citizen pocket watch that sold for $20,000. Kogaku san's attention to detail in his work is amazing. Some of his art work has lines no thicker than a human hair.

Kogaku san's work is painted freehand without any outline of design or silk screen process. While 90% of currently produced Maki-e artwork utilizes man-made Urushi lacquer, Kogaku san uses only 100% natural Urushi lacquer, collected by hand from Urushi trees.

Rendered in what is referred to as "Taka Maki-e" a technique which uses many thin layers of genuine Urushi lacquer applied over one another to create slightly raised portions of the design, the English Rose is both a visual and a tactile pleasure. The individual rose petals are shaded with red and pink Urushi lacquer, then accented with carefully applied gold powder leaving them with shimmering highlights that dance under the light as the pen is turned in the hand. The leaves are further detailed with gold powder.

The English Rose is available in a worldwide limited edition of just 25 pieces.

Each piece carries Kogaku san's signature, and the coveted Red Seal signature -- signifying the highest level of Maki-e artwork.

Each pen is housed in our beautiful lacquer presentation case, accompanied by our 100 year guarantee and warrantee booklet and limited edition certificate.

The English Rose was was featured on the cover of Stylus magazine,
June/July 2006 issue.

Stylus is an international publication with a healthy circulation
figure in excess of 38,000 per issue. The magazine is distributed
through newsstands, bookstores, fine quality pen retailers,
specialty boutiques, jewelers, and of course to subscribers.

To read the full article, please click here.



Conway Stewart "The English Rose"
by Mr. Koichiro Okazaki

Nib grades: Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium, Italic Broad
Filling mechanism: converter cartridge

Retail Price 3,774 $6,310 4728

Limited to 25 pieces worldwide

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Click on the images below to view additional designs
crafted by maki-e artisan Kogaku-san


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