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"Nelson Series"

In response to the popular demand for our Trafalgar limited edition pen in 2005, Conway Stewart is proud to produce a new series of pens, the 'Nelson'.

Available in six classic colors for both fountain pen and matching ball pen, this is an exciting new series for Conway Stewart.

The Nelson is a bold pen, with an impressive heft and balance, featuring a solid weighty barrel that is always perfectly poised, even when used without posting the cap.

Long and graceful in profile, the Nelson is never out of place, from the most elegant of black tie affair to a simple afternoon out.

In keeping with the nautical theme of the Nelson we have accented the cap with three solid 18 carat gold bands -- one large and two slim denoting Nelson's rank of Vice Admiral at the Battle of Trafalgar.

The barrel of the fountain pen is set off by a substantial 18 carat solid gold band and an elegantly tapered end. The matching ball pen has gold plated tip to match the solid 18 carat solid gold trim. The fountain pen is piston filled, the ball pen uses the reliable twist operated mechanism.

The Nelson is offered in six of our most popular classic color Gleaming jet Black, elegant Classic Green, Glowing Classic Claret, vibrant Flecked Autumn, rich Bracket Brown, and a shimmering new color, Crimson Whirl.

Bracket Brown brings a stately and elegant simplicity to the Nelson.

Reminiscent of the finest antique tortoiseshell, this color is a rich blend of light and dark red-browns that shine from within with a slight pearlescent glow.

Classic and refined, this is a color that fits as perfectly in the pocket of a tailored suit jacket as it does in the side pocket of your favorite blue jeans.

Classic Claret lives up to its namesake, with deep shades of burgundy that evoke the finest results of the vintner's art.

This shimmering dark red background is then marbled with gleaming black throughout.

The Classic Claret Nelson, like a good vintage wine, is low-key, relying upon grace and simple sophistication to carry the day.

One of our most popular colors, Classic Green, brings its graceful blend of light and dark green to the Nelson, and the result is no less than you might expect.

The subtle play of light from the pearlescent light green hints at the depths of this material.

The deeper shades of the dark green marbling further accent the magnificent blend of color

The Classic Green Nelson is another pen that feels right at home in either the boardroom or the privacy of your own desk.

The Crimson Whirl Nelson is not for the faint of heart! This standout new color is going to be a hit with those who favor the cutting edge.

A deep blue background shimmers softly, with sparking accents dusted throughout. Then we add bold lines of vivid crimson, looping and swirling through both the cap and barrel.

Each piece of this sturdy acrylic material we use has an individual pattern, so no two Crimson Whirl Nelson pens will look exactly alike.

This is a pen for those who demand to stand a bit apart from the crowd!

An exciting mixture of reddish brown and gleaming iliac make
up our Flecked Autumn.

It's a bold shade, well in keeping with the striking lines of the Nelson.

While vivid, the mixture builds upon itself quietly, making this
a striking yet still understated choice for those who prefer making their fashion statements
a bit sotto voce!

The Nelson series is housed in our luxury Conway Stewart centenary packaging.
It is lined in a deep lush velvet in our corporate colors.

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Retail List Price Resin Fountain Pen: £440, $760, €495
Retail List Price Resin Roller Ball: £399, $700, €455
Retail List Price Resin Ball Pen: £370, $660, €430
Retail List Price Resin Pencil: £370, $660, €430


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In 1905 when Conway Stewart was started, Jarvis and Garner had a single aim,
to produce elegant, timelessly beautiful, yet functional writing instruments.

Today one hundred years later we still hold true to these original goals.

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Last updated December 8, 2009