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Image of Conway Stewart Vermeil Drake

Conway Stewart 'Drake'
Vermeil Limited Edition, 2007

"Winner of the Stylus Annual Icon Award, 2008"

Sir Francis Drake was born in Tavistock, near Plymouth, England in around 1540. With Plymouth the home of modern day Conway Stewart, it seems only appropriate for the company to name this superb new design after a local legend. The sterling silver edition of the Drake model has been a great success and by popular demand, we are proud to add to this luxurious collection the Drake in Vermeil.

A lush vermeil finish elevates the intricate engraving of the Drake to yet another level of luxury. Luscious in appearance, the thick gold covering warms in the hand, further enhancing the personal pleasure of using a Conway Stewart writing instrument.

Image of Conway Stewart Vermeil DrakeVermeil has long been admired and very much in demand for a diverse range of products. The process of vermeil can be produced by either the fire-gilding or electrolysis method. In the 1700s the original fire-gilding process was developed in France but was later banned due to the use of mercury in the process. Today's vermeil is produced safely using electrolysis.

There is a Vermeil Room in the White House. The soft yellow of the paneled walls of the room complements the collection of vermeil or gilded silver bequeathed to the White House in 1956 by Mrs. Margaret Thompson Biddle. The vermeil collection contains pieces from different services and includes the work of prestigious artisans such as English Regency silversmith Paul Storr (1771-1844), French Empire silversmith Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot (1763-1850), among others.

The precious metal section of the Drake edition leaves the weight centred low in the hand, ensuring that the pen is balanced well when writing. Each pen is engraved with the name Drake on the cap band, and a likeness of The Golden Hind on the cap top. The Conway Stewart Drake bears the English Hallmark, the world accepted standard for precious metal.

The Vermeil Drake limited edition pen is available in an edition of just 100 pieces in either fountain pen or roller ball writing modes. The fountain pen is mounted with the large iridium tipped 18 carat solid gold nib, offered in eight grades. It utilizes the converter cartridge filling mechanism.

Image of Conway Stewart Vermeil Drake
Conway Stewart 'Drake'

Vermeil Limited Edition

Nib grades: Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium, Italic Broad
Filling mechanism: converter cartridge

Retail List Price for Vermeil Fountain Pen £1,045 $1,845 €1,295
Retail List Price for Vermeil Roller Ball £1,045 $1,845 €1,295


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