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The Trafalgar
Limited Edition

Image of Conway Stewart Trafalgar



In Commemoration of Lord Nelson, Conway Stewart proudly presents the 'Trafalgar Limited Edition'

On the 21st of October, 1805 Lord Nelson and his flagship HMS Victory earned undying fame at the Battle of Trafalgar.

The British fleet of 27 ships beat the combined French and Spanish fleet of 33 ships. No British ship was lost and 22 of the French and Spanish fleet were seized or destroyed. The French and Spanish lost 4,400 men and the British 450 - Nelson himself the most famous of them. The courage and skill of Nelson and his men ensured the supremacy of the British Navy for the next 100 years.

Image of Conway Stewart Trafalgar

The impact of this sea battle on the future development of the British Empire is immeasurable.

On the centenary of this famous battle two men established Conway Stewart and a century later that company joins the rest of Great Britain in celebrating both Nelson and his achievement at Trafalgar.

This beautiful hand crafted pen is substantial in weight and about 1 cm longer than our popular 100 series.

The cap top is conical in shape and the nautical theme is accentuated by the three solid 18K gold bands on the cap -- one large and two slim denoting Nelson's rank of Vice Admiral at the Battle of Trafalgar. On the barrel there is a thick gold band leading to an elegantly tapered end.
Image of Conway Stewart TrafalgarThe Trafalgar is crafted out of our bespoke Blue Stardust acrylic.

This material is stunning.
It contains fine silver dust particles that shimmer subtly as the light hits the pen.

This exclusive packaging is very striking. The stylish large dark green lacquered presentation box is lined with a deep luscious green velvet, housing the limited edition Trafalgar pen.

It is accompanied by an informative book detailing the life of Nelson, a bottle of Conway Stewart ink and a rocker blotter made from the actual oak removed from the historic HMS Victory.

Despite its age, the HMS Victory is still part of the British Navy with its own captain and crew. She lies in dry dock at the Naval Base in Portsmouth and is scrupulously restored and maintained.
Image of Conway Stewart Trafalgar

Very limited amounts of materials from this work are made available for prestigious projects and Conway Stewart has procured and used Victory oak to make the period rocker blotter included with this special edition. The blotting paper supplied carries a faint imprint of Nelsons Signature reversed - as it the man himself had used it.

A certificate of authenticity will accompany each pen from Conway Stewart. The current captain of the Victory signs an additional certificate stating the wood is genuinely from the Victory.

Conway Stewart will be making a contribution towards the cost of restoration and display of a mainsail used on the Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. The sail will be displayed at the Victory Museum in Portsmouth.


The Trafalgar
Limited to 500 numbered pieces worldwide




Image of Conway Stewart Trafalgar

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