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Simpole Pen
Limited Edition

Image of Simpole Pen

Through a fruitful collaboration with renowned English craftsman Henry Simpole of London, we are proud to announce the launch of the 'Simpole Pen'.

Henry Simpole is well known for his custom overlay work on fountain pens. This is the third limited edition within the Conway Stewart stable encompassing Simpole's fine craftsmanship.

Every overlay is hand crafted and methodically engraved personally by Henry Simpole. The design of the overlay is an interpretation of the beautiful designs of the early twentieth century, a significant period for the arts and crafts movement in England.

Image of Henry Simpole at work

The Simpole Pen is a beautiful yet functional fountain pen. Conway Stewart is a strong believer in staying true to its original founder’s determination to offer only the best in high quality English craftsmanship.

The Simpole Pen is limited to 100 pieces in sterling silver, 50 in vermeil and 10 pieces in 18 carat solid gold. It is mounted with the large iridium tipped 18 carat solid gold nib, offered in a choice of eight grades from Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad and utilises the reliable converter cartridge filling mechanism. Every pen is presented in the Conway Stewart luxury gift packaging with a signed certificate of authentication and a guarantee warranty of workmanship for 100 years.


"There are those who collect pens to match their wardrobe, while others couldn't care less about a pen's looks as long as its nib meets their criteria for perfection.

Whatever the inclination, a true collector is always on the lookout for that one pen that captures the essence of what he finds most fascinating about fountain pens ... and that's where Henry Simpole comes in."

STYLUS December/January 2008

Image of SImpole Pen

Conway Stewart Simpole Pen
Limited to the following finishes:
100 pieces sterling silver overlay - 50 pieces vermeil overlay
10 pieces 18 carat solid gold overlay