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Elements Limited Edition

Image of Conway Stewart Elegance Element Water The latest addition to our Elegance Series highlights the four elements of Nature.

Ancient philosophies commonly used a set of four archetypal elements to explain the patterns they observed in nature. For these cultures Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire made up the basic building blocks of the universe.

The Greek version of these ideas dates from pre-Socratic times and lingered through the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, deeply influencing both European thought as well as culture.

The concept is much older in the Far East, being widely disseminated in both India and China, where it formed the basis of Buddhism and Hinduism.

To ancient cultures both Eastern and Western, each of these creative elements are necessary for human life. They have positive and negative aspects.

The Earth without Water to moisten it, without Fire to warm it, and without Air to surround it, would be a lifeless planet.

The elements work in harmony, even though at times their contrary aspects may seem in conflict with each other, to create and to sustain life.

Water as an element was seen as a great necessity, because without it nothing could live. Since only earth and water can bring forth a living soul, as an element it forms a vital building block for nature. Such was the greatness of this element that spiritual regeneration would not be considered to have been complete without it.

Thales of Miletus concluded that water was the beginning of all things and the first of all elements and most potent because of its mastery over the rest. Pliny said, "Water swallows up the earth, extinguishes the flame, ascends on high, and by stretching forth as clouds challenges the heavens for their own, and the same falling down, becomes the cause of all things that grow in the earth."

Image of Conway Stewart Elegance Element WaterThe Conway Stewart Elements 'Water' joins our line of Elegance series limited editions, following the success of the Deco Diamond and the sold-out Westminster. Each edition from the Elegance series has a unique design and is produced to the highest standard of English craftsmanship.

Rich blue enamel layered over the deep guilloche engraving on the barrel gives emphasis and depth to the fluid waves of the barrel design, representing both the power and grace of Water as an element.

The fluid engraving pattern is offset by the crisp pattern of lines and diamonds in dark blue enamel set into the gleaming sterling silver cap.

The Elements 'Water' edition is available in fountain pen and roller ball writing modes. The fountain pen is mounted with the large rhodium plated, iridium tipped 18 carat solid gold nib. It utilizes the reliable converter cartridge filling mechanism.

Our use of a solid sterling silver section leaves the Elements-Water perfectly balanced. With the weight of the pen centered low in the hand, writing with the Elements series becomes a pleasure.

Elements 'Water'
100 numbered pieces available in fountain pen or roller ball

Nib grades: Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium, Italic Broad
Filling mechanism: converter cartridge

To order your pen, please choose your preferred payment currency below.
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Retail List Price £1,015 $1,930 €1,535

Image of Conway Stewart Elegance Element Water



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