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The Connoisseur Collection
Limited Edition

Image of Conway Stewart Connoisseur Collection


The Conway Stewart Connoisseur Collection is a bold new departure for this historic British company.

For the first time we have taken a single, intricate engraving theme and applied it to five different models of fine writing instruments.

The result is a brilliant cross section of Conway Stewart pens presenting the opportunity to experience the individual features of all of our currently popular models: from the flagship Churchill design to our stylish new Brunel, every model is accented with an elegant engraving pattern and matching cap bands.

All five writing instruments are elegantly housed in a gloss black lacquered wooden presentation display to showcase the Connoisseur Limited Edition.







The Churchill is Conway Stewarts long standing flagship model. Majestic and timeless in feel and appearance, the Churchill has remained a perennial favourite of those who prefer a stately, over-sized writing instrument. With brilliant black resin cap and barrel highlighted with a contrasting 18 carat solid gold trim, the Connoisseur Churchill is set further apart with the intricate engraving that adorns both cap and barrel. The Connoisseur Churchill is not only the prominent model of the Connoisseur Collection, it is also perfectly balanced for ease of writing.

Image of Conway Stewart Connoisseur Collection

Classic and elegant are the terms most often applied to the award winning Model 100 and the Connoisseur Model 100 is no exception. The sleek shape is set off perfectly by the engraving pattern, the result is a wonderful pen both modern and classic in appearance. The Connoisseur Model 100 fits perfectly into the modern lifestyle, where the use of a fine writing instrument has become not merely a necessity of everyday business life, but a stylish method of distinguishing oneself from the crowd.

Image of Conway Stewart Connoisseur Collection

The Conway Stewart Nelson was an instant hit when first launched, and its popularity has grown over time with the addition of new colours to the range.

The Connoisseur Nelson takes the classic black finish and moves it up to a new level of understated refinement. A slim and clean design, the Connoisseur Nelson is still a commanding presence.

Image of Conway Stewart Connoisseur Collection

The Connoisseur Brunel is a distinctive model, previously available only in the UK and for the first time now available worldwide as part of the Connoisseur Collection. A cleverly styled design hearkens back to the traditional pen styles of the 1920s. The Connoisseur Brunel takes a classic design and catapults it to new heights with intricate engraving on the cap and barrel accented with gleaming 18 carat gold trim.

Image of Conway Stewart Connoisseur Collection

The Connoisseur Collectors Pen is a smaller model, perfect for fitting into any pocket or briefcase. Compact in size, it offers a great deal in terms of both writing comfort and style. The Connoisseur Collectors Pen is a new look for this model, the crisp engraving fits neatly into the overall look of this elegant pen, set off with a stepped cap top and barrel end with 18 carat gold trim.

The Connoisseur Collection writing instruments are available in a choice of eight nib grades: Extra Fine to Double Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad. Filling is via the effortless and reliable screw-in cartridge converter system, also offering the option and ease of cartridges using the wide choice of colours available in Conway Stewart bottled ink.

Image of Conway Stewart Connoisseur Collection

This heirloom quintet are housed in a classic desktop display case fashioned of solid hardwood finished in gleaming black lacquer.

The Conway Stewart Connoisseur Collection is an exciting opportunity to experience the best of British craftsmanship and elegance!

Connoisseur Collection
75 numbered pieces available in fountain pen or roller ball

Nib grades: Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium, Italic Broad
Filling mechanism: converter cartridge

Retail List Price for Fountain Pens £2,095 $3,695 €2,620
Retail List Price for Rollr Balls £2,095 $3,695 €2,620


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