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Limited Edition

Image of Belgravia Limited Edition.

Conway Stewart’s new Belgravia Limited Edition is a masterpiece in solid sterling silver, accented with intricate engraving and crisp gold trim. The elegant design draws from Art Deco inspirations to arrive at a classic and stylish fine writing instrument.

The Belgravia is both practical, as well as beautiful, a perfect combination of art and engineering. The engraving pattern forms a chain of interlocking geometric shapes along both the cap and barrel, set off with brightly polished cap top, gripping section, and barrel end. Each polished area is further adorned with rich gold trim rings accented with jet black.

Image of Belgravia

With the entire pen crafted of solid sterling silver, the Belgravia is an imposing and weighty piece, however careful design has ensured that this pen remains eminately usable. The hallmarked solid sterling silver construction of the cap, barrel and front section are set off with our popular 18 carat solid gold nib available in eight nib grades allowing the ideal choice for your individual handwriting style. Ink is delivered via the premium converter cartridge system which offers the convenience of cartridges or the use of our  wide choice of colours available with bottled inks.

The Belgravia is balanced precisely at the gripping section, allowing the pen to feel as a natural extension of the hand when in use. When in the pocket, the classically styled clip holds the Belgravia securely in place.

Image of Belgravia Limited Edition

Belgravia Limited Edition
100 numbered pieces available in fountain pen or roller ball

Nib grades: Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium, Italic Broad
Filling mechanism: converter cartridge

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Retail List Price for Fountain Pen or Roller Ball £1,682 $2,775 €2,018


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