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Raleigh Series
Exclusively for European Markets

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Conway Stewart’s new Raleigh celebrates the life of one of England’s premier historical figures, Sir Walter Raleigh. A soldier, explorer, poet, historian, and courtier of the late Elizabethan era, Sir Walter Raleigh had a profound influence during an important period of English history.

Raleigh is best known for his exploration of the New World and was also considered one of the foremost poets of the Elizabethan era.  He was born in Devon, the current home of Conway Stewart and thus it seems fitting to name a pen designed in the spirit of adventure after the great man.

The Raleigh is a unique design, departing from the traditional in several ways, while still retaining the classic styling cues that denote Conway Stewart’s dedication to the company’s rich heritage. A perfectly proportioned barrel accented with rich solid gold trim rings is topped with a cap that features a slight inward curve towards the top. In the place of a cap band there is a quartet of solid gold cap rings. Both the cap top and barrel end feature a classic stepped design, giving the Raleigh an elegant touch of distinction.

Conway Stewart’s traditional clip makes the perfect finishing touch to the Raleigh. This is a pen that is perfect in both the hand and the pocket, with a size that makes it attractive to both men and women. For today’s busy professional the Raleigh makes the ideal accessory. Available in a rich Jet Black, Classic Green, traditional Lapis Blue, and the exciting new Brown Swirl, the Raleigh fits with any personal style.

The Conway Stewart ‘Raleigh’ is a modern design built in the finest Conway Stewart tradition. Hand crafted from resin and accented with 18 carat gold nib and a choice of either solid 18 carat gold or sterling silver bands, the ‘Raleigh’ features a step ring configuration on the cap and barrel stoppers, never before seen on a Conway Stewart.

For those with a sense of adventure, the Raleigh is the perfect choice.



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Conway Stewart 'Raleigh'
Colours available: Classic Black, Lapis Blue, Pistachio, Mocha

Exclusively for European Markets
Nib grades: Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium, Italic Broad
Filling mechanism: converter cartridge

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Retail List Price for Fountain Pen £514 $849 €617
Retail List Price for Roller Ball £472 $779 €566


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