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The Revolution is based on the Conway Stewart Evolution model for which we were awarded the "2009 Pen World Reader's Choice Awards -- Metal Mastery. The pen that represents the best use of metal in design and creation." Images and details of our Evolution edition can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

The Revolution is an impressive oversize pen crafted in solid sterling silver with a wonderful new engraving pattern that departs from our past use of repeating geometric guilloche style engraving. Instead, the Revolution embraces an energetic mix of colours and shapes in an exciting linear pattern of jagged rectangles and asymmetrical shapes, each accented by delicate angled lines visible under the translucent enamel.

This time we will not be including the internal balance system used for the original Evolution, and we have modified the cap and front section to house our impressive oversize 18 carat gold nib which has proved to be a perfect match for a sterling silver pen of this size.

Vivid Tangerine Orange, Smoky Gray, and opalescent Light Pearl White combine to make this a visually stunning masterpiece of the engraver's and enameller's art. At first glance it is a visual melange of light and shape, but within a short time, the subtle pattern emerges, dazzling the senses each time the Revolution is turned in the hand.

This new enamel design is launched in specific colours for RiKwill in a limited edition of just 10 pieces for each colour combination. Each piece is accompanied by a sterling silver roller ball front section, giving the owner two pens for the price of one. RiKwill has committed to launching four different colour variations of the Revolution during 2012.

Later this year Conway Stewart will also be launching the same design utilising a different colour palette. While RiKwill is known to enjoy the bright, vivid colours associated with the Los Angeles scene, the colour choices launched by us will be very different; pulling from our English Heritage, choosing more traditional classic colours which will produce a very different feel to the final product. In fact this was one of the most striking aspects to this new engraving design: a simple change in colour choice radically alters the look of the pen, the same basic pattern goes from "mild to wild" with a simple choice of enamel colours!


For a little background information --- during October 2011, founder of Rikwill flew to the UK to spend a few days in meetings with Conway Stewart just prior to exhibiting at the annual London Pen Show. During Rik's visit we showed him the factory and walked him through the process of how we make our pens in Devon, England. Apart from the nib, every component of our pens are made in-house and this includes our clips and even screws. One of the many meetings with Rik included a visit from our enameller and designer, Robert Glover, who brought with him several ideas for new enamel designs. Everybody was extremely excited to see this new design, to the extent that we agreed to make exclusive colours for RiKwill which will be different to the ones that Conway Stewart will launch later this year. Rik took the original design one step further by asking for a complimenting engraving pattern to be featured on the cap top, barrel end and the front gripping section. This ties the engraved portion of the cap and barrel to the traditional smooth sterling silver of the section, cap top, and barrel ends, and makes for a more visually appealing final product.

The coloured portions of the Revolution are bonded enamel which is more durable and will not crack like glass if the pen is dropped.

The Revolution is limited to 10 numbered pieces and every pen is available with both the traditional fountain pen section as well as a roller ball writing unit crafted completely out of solid sterling silver. This allows the owner of the Revolution to switch from the classic elegance of the oversize 18 carat solid gold nib to a simple and easy to use roller ball that combines the convenience of a ball pen with the graceful flow of liquid ink.

-- Two writing modes for the price of one!
RiKwill subscribes to the philosophy of enhancing the customer's enjoyment so that they can use their favourite pen design during all occasions and environments.

The Revolution is a substantial pen with the following dimensions:
Closed 153 mm - Posted 194 mm - Cap 66 mm - Barrel including nib 148 mm - Barrel diameter 16 mm - Cap diameter 18 mm - Gripping section diameter 12 mm - Weight 118 gms

RiKwill Revolution Limited Edition
10 pieces world-wide
Retail List Price $5,500

Revolution is only available by order through Conway Stewart and RiKwill

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