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The Romanoff double eagle crest was the symbol of the Romanoff dynasty, rulers of Russia from 1613 until the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

The Romanoff rulers had a huge impact on Russian history.
Peter the Great's reign (1672-1725) transformed Russia. He strengthened the rule of the tsar and westernised Russia while at the same time making Russia a power in Europe and greatly expanding Russia's borders.

Peter was the first Russian ruler to travel outside of Russia. While touring Europe he learned about European dress and culture and warfare, especially naval warfare. He
learned many trades, from shipbuilding to shoemaking.

Peter the Great wanted to make Russia more modern economically and socially, while strengthening the power of the state and of the tsar.
He abolished hereditary positions with the creation of the Table of Ranks that gave people privileges based on their ability and position within the Table of Ranks. Peter required all men to serve the state.

In modern times the Romanoff Crest is still recognised as a symbol of Russia's enduring strength and success; the Constitution of the Russian Federation ratified in 1993 includes the Romanoff Crest.

Elegant, sophisticated and luxurious, the Conway Stewart Romanoff displays intricate attention to detail and the finest hand crafted workmanship available.

The Conway Stewart Romanoff is crafted by hand from rods of sterling silver and engraved in the style of Faberge.

To highlight the stunning engraving, the cap and barrel have been skillfully covered with delicate pearlescent white bonded enamel inlaid with the famous Romanoff Double Eagle Crest.

The crest features the instantly recognisable double-headed eagle with sceptre and orb.

The cap features a unique step design solid silver stopper; the first Conway Stewart has produced, with three subtle enamelled rings in red white and blue denoting the colour of the Russian Federation flag.

Each pen carries the sterling silver hallmark from the British Assay Office, the world the world accepted independent recognition of precious metal quality.

The fountain pen is finished with a solid 18 carat gold, rhodium plated nib and features Conway Stewart's reliable cartridge converter mechanism.


Romanoff Pen
Oriental Express

The Romanoff Pen Exclusive is only available by order through Conway Stewart and Oriental Express

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Last updated February 23, 2009