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Conway Stewart is pleased to continue a working partnership with the talented artisans at MetalWrite. In keeping with the previous engravings created by MetalWrite, fans of the RR series will not be disappointed with the long anticipated launch of the new RR3 edition.

The exclusive pattern design for the RR3 is created by hand, requiring several days just to draft the artwork. Once the draft design is completed, mechanical drawings of the pattern are then adapted for the creation of the pattern bar, which is used as a template for cutting into the silver using a hand turned ca 1967 Neuweiler and Engelsberger straight line engine engraving machine.

The RR3 design continues the RR series goal of employing an unusual guilloché technique in that the design starts from straight lines and develops into a fascinating curtain effect similar to the Moiré engraving; a pattern resembling Moiré silk and made very popular in the late 18th century by the Fabergé company.

"Inspiration comes from looking at old and modern engravings and guilloché and admiring the detail and beauty on pens and other objets d'art, accepting the challenge for artistic composition, and to meet or exceed the old-style engraving technique and quality. I love detail, geometry, and free thinking and practicing this art form is extremely satisfying."

Rich Littlestone
Co-founder of MetalWrite and Engraver

MetalWrite crafted the Damascus stoppers for the RR3 by commissioning a specific design pattern from Robert Eggerling, a well known Damascus forger from Pennsylvania, USA.

The spider web pattern Damascus steel cap top and barrel end perfectly complement the long undulating engraved lines featured on the sterling silver pen cap and barrels.


"We wanted to offer a solid sterling pen with decoration unlike what was on the market and that also provided technical and artistic challenges in metal art. Since I had experience with Damascus steel in the custom knife world we settled on Damascus as an extraordinary addition to the fountain pen visual experience."

Rich Littlestone
Co-founder of MetalWrite and Engraver


The solid sterling silver clips are strong, robust, and very labour intensive to make. Each clip is made by carefully cutting out the blanks from a solid sheet of sterling silver. The blank is meticulously sized to precise clip form and shape before it is engraved by the hand turned straight line engraving machine. Once the engraving is completed, the straight clip is then mounted into a bending jig to finalise the clip shape.

It takes an entire day's work to customise the sterling silver Conway Stewart pen into a RR3 limited edition. Hand turned guilloché engraving, making of the clip, finishing and turning of the Damascus steel ends result in a beautiful work of traditional craftsmanship that will make a wonderful addition to any pen collection, gift for a pen connoisseur, or a family heirloom.

The RR3 is a substantial writing instrument crafted from solid sterling silver and Damascus steel. This new design provides the same flexibility as RR2 and RR1 - the clip is removable giving the opportunity to the owner to store the pen in the pocket (with clip) or to use as a desk pen (without clip).

The MetalWrite RR3 is limited to 18 pieces and offered as a Fountain Pen and is accompanied by a sterling silver Roller Ball writing unit. Each pen is packaged with both writing mode front sections crafted from solid sterling silver to satisfy the demand for every writing style.

The RR3 Fountain Pen is mounted with an 18 carat solid gold and rhodium plated nib available in eight grades: Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad.


Pen Closed 141 mm - Barrel including nib 133 mm - Cap 65 mm - Barrel diameter 13.2 mm - Cap diameter 15 mm - Weight 86 grams



MetalWrite RR3 Limited Edition
The MetalWrite RR3 is only available by order through Conway Stewart and MetalWrite

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