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Chatterley Pens Exclusive

Conway Stewart is proud to announce an exclusive limited edition created for Chatterley Pens.

The popular Chatsworth sterling silver overlay produced by award winning English craftsman Henry Simpole is now available through Chatterley Pens in a limited edition of 10 pieces in a choice of Classic Green, Graphite and Pearl White.

Simpole has personally invested decades of passion into his love of both art and precious metal overlay designs. He lives for the development and creation of his new designs, some more complicated with intricate filigree, while others capture characters or faces within his finely crafted network of gleaming sterling silver.

Simpole draws inspiration for his pattern ideas from sources as varied as antique theatre programmes and vintage ornament storage boxes, as well from his extensive library of great artists: Rene Lalique, William Morris, Moorcroft and numerous others, with especial attention to his favourite, Alphonse Mucha.

The Chatsworth design incorporates delicate lace-like strands of silver with a graceful and enchanting bow whose design was drawn from a much loved Valentines card.

With every Simpole designed overlay for Conway Stewart, Henry meticulously works into the design the initials 'C' & 'S' (Conway Stewart). Many people who have purchased previous overlays through Conway Stewart are not aware of the letters that are woven into the design. This design feature alone can take up to another 40 hours in making certain that the two initials work harmoniously within the filigree pattern. The Chatsworth Collection takes this to another step, and not only are the initials 'C' and 'S' incorporated, there are two further letters; 'J' and 'G' in honour of the two founders of this great British pen company in 1905, Jarvis and Garner.

Chatterley Pens Classic Green Chatsworth

Chatterley Pens Graphite Chasworth

Chatterley Pens Pearl White Chatsworth

The Conway Stewart Chatsworth Collection offers the opportunity to acquire the best of British craftsmanship and sophistication in hand crafted overlays from English craftsman, Henry Simpole of London.

The Chatterley Pen Exclusive is only available by order
Conway Stewart and Chatterley Pens

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Last updated January 25, 2010