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'Elegance' Series

The Conway Stewart brand, synonymous with British heritage, has been privileged to have its products chosen as official gifts of the British government, and a Conway Stewart was the chosen pen for the G8 Summit.

Owners of Conway Stewart pens include the British royal family, prime ministers, and U.S. presidents past and present.

Conway Stewart creates exclusive pens for many prestigious accounts, including 10 Downing Street, the Royal Air Force, the Red Arrows, Rolls Royce, the Westminster Collection and Mensa, among numerous others.

In keeping with the company’s heritage and traditions, Conway Stewart will launch its spring 2006 Elegance series to honor the nursing pioneer, Florence Nightingale.

Image of Conway Stewart Nightingale group

The Nightingale

Image of Conway Stewart Nightingale group
Born into a wealthy family, Florence was an academic child home schooled by her Cambridge University-educated father. She grew to be a lively, attractive young woman, much admired in the family's social circles. Although her family had its own plans for her future, Nightingale developed an interest in social issues, including visits to the homes of sick local villagers, and from this she soon became very interested in hospitals and nursing.

In the mid-nineteenth century, nursing was not considered a suitable profession for well-educated women and Nightingale’s parents fought bitterly against her wishes. Nevertheless, the strong-minded young woman toured Europe with family friends and afterwards returned to Kaiserswerth. There, she enrolled in nursing training, which led to her employment as Superintendent of the Establishment for Gentlewomen at No. 1 Harley St., London, in 1853.

The London Times newspaper was at the time critical of the British medical facilities provided for soldiers injured in the Crimean War. Minster at War Sidney Herbert, who knew Nightingale socially and of her work at Harley Street, appointed her to oversee the introduction of female nurses into the military overseas hospitals. At first, the doctors disapproved, but within 1Image of Conway Stewart Nightingale in Mint0 days of a fresh, massive influx of casualties, Florence Nightingale and her staff of 38 nurses were fully stretched.

As “Lady-in-Chief,” Nightingale wrote home on behalf of the English soldiers and helped send the men's much-needed wages to their families. She introduced reading rooms into the hospitals and gained the undying respect of the British soldiers.

Florence Nightingale's successful introduction of female nurses as an integral part of the staffs of military hospitals was rewarded by a grateful nation. A public donation in November 1855 enabled her to continue nursing reform in Britain’s civil hospitals.

Upon her return home to England in 1856, Nightingale became the driving force behind the campaign for a royal commission to investigate the health of the British Army. In 1860, she became the first woman to be elected a Fellow of the Statistical Society, rewarding her contribution to Army and comparative hospital statistics.

In 1865, she settled at 10 South Street, Mayfair, in the West End of London, where she lived to be 90.

Image of Conway Stewart Nightingale in Cherry Blossom

Nightingale's greatest achievement was to raise nursing to the level of a respectable profession for women. In 1860, with the public contribution of the Nightingale Fund, she established the Nightingale Training School for nurses at St. Thomas' Hospital. From 1872, Nightingale devoted her attention to organizing the school and, almost annually for 30 years, wrote an open letter to the nurses and probationers, giving them advice and encouragement.

Nightingale devoted her life to tirelessly campaigning to improve health standards, publishing 200 books, reports and pamphlets. One of her most authoritative works, "Notes on Nursing" was published in 1860. It focused on the principles of nursing: observation and sensitivity to the patient's needs. It has been translated into 11 languages, and today, more than 145 years later, it is still in print.

Nightingale received many honors in recognition of her groundbreaking work, including the coveted Royal Red
Cross awarded by Queen Victoria. She played a significant role in changing Britain's health-care system and her writings continue to be a resource for nurses, health managers and planners.
Image of Conway Stewart Nightingale in Mauve
The Nightingale pens are from Conway Stewart’s Elegance range. This is the company’s third edition launch from this series.

Each pen from the Elegance range has a distinct design and is produced to the highest standards of English craftsmanship.

Lovingly constructed of hallmarked solid sterling silver, the petite Nightingale has been designed in the style of Fabergé, with a highly detailed guilloche fox-head pattern engraved on the cap and body. Each pen is then skillfully covered with vibrant bonded enamel.

The Nightingale is available in three contemporary pastel shades: Cherry Blossom, Mauve, and Mint Green. This exquisite pen shows all the characteristics necessary for becoming a modern design classic.

The Nightingale is available in both fountain pen and ball pen writing modes. The fountain pen is mounted with an 18-carat, solid gold, rhodium-plated nib.

This series makes a perfect stylish accessory and is housed in a delightful Conway Stewart leather wallet.

Image of Conway Stewart Nightingale pens


Please click here to view three new additions to the Conway Stewart Elegance Nightingale Series, bringing the vivid world of precious gemstones to these sophisticated fine writing instruments. Inspired by the rich bounty of nature, we have incorporated bold new shades of vibrant bonded enamel with the delicate guilloche engraving of these classic pens.

The Nightingale is available in both fountain pen and ball pen writing modes. The fountain pen is mounted with an 18-carat, solid gold, rhodium-plated nib.

This series makes a perfect stylish accessory and is housed in a delightful Conway Stewart leather wallet.

'Elegance' Nightingale