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Conway Stewart Jaguar Limited Edition

The Conway Stewart Jaguar is a new finish to compliment our sold out Elegance Aztec limited edition. Each pen from the Elegance range has a unique design and is produced to the highest standard of English craftsmanship. The Elegance range is based on the popular Model 100, a classically shaped pen that has won awards for its design, and is produced by our team of dedicated craftsmen at our factory. .

The exclusive enamel designs featured on our Elegance model are hand crafted at our factory in Devon, England from rods of solid sterling silver. Each pen is carefully engraved with intricate patterns and further accented with a hand applied rich enamel by award winning craftsman Robert Glover, whose work has been published in numerous industry titles and who is the recipient of many notable awards and presentations.

Conway Stewart Jaguar Limited Edition

Crafted from solid sterling silver, the Jaguar features precise engraving in an intricate pattern of abstract diamonds that recalls the classic look of the Art Deco period. Each panel adorning the cap and barrel is filled with hand applied translucent enamel in vibrant orange and rich grey. The underlaying engraving patterns show through, leaving a design that is both refined and elegant, yet also eye catching under any light. Further design attention is given to the cap and barrel ends by the engraved channel and hand applied enamel decorative bands of deep grey enamel.

Conway Stewart Jaguar Limited Edition

Just like the Jaguar's predecessor, this new design is not only a magnificent pen in terms of looks, but a perfect daily accessory. The hallmarked solid sterling silver construction of cap, barrel and front section are set off with our popular 18 carat gold nib, accented with rhodium plating and available in a choice of eight nib grades offering the ideal choice for your individual handwriting style. Ink is delivered via the reliable converter cartridge system.

Every attention to detail has been taken to ensure that the Elegance Jaguar limited edition is not only a visually perfect pen, but one ideally suited for everyday use.

The Elegance model is crafted to be ergonomic in shape, slightly tapered and is a mid sized pen that rests perfectly in the hand, a perfect harmony of balance and elegance for ease of writing.

Conway Stewart Jaguar Limited Edition

The Jaguar is available in a limited edition of only 100 pieces offering a wonderful opportunity to experience the finest in English craftsmanship in a truly exclusive fine writing instrument.

Elegance Jaguar
100 numbered pieces available in fountain pen or roller ball

Nib grades: Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium, Italic Broad
Filling mechanism: converter cartridge

Retail List Price for Fountain Pen or Roller Ball £1,392 $2,400 €1,670

Sold Out!

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