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The Balmoral

Image of Balmoral


Image of Balmoral close-upFollowing the success of our Windsor, which was inspired by the ornate decoration gracing the creations of English gunsmiths, Conway Stewart is pleased to announce the second in this prestigious series, the Balmoral.

The Balmoral limited edition is hand engraved by master engraver Marcus Hunt, who is considered by many to be one of England's premier engravers.

Marcus Hunt is a second generation master engraver and is recognized as providing the highest standard of hand engraving on the worlds finest sporting shotguns and rifles for over 30 years. Marcus has many high-profile clients some of which include members of the British Royal family, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and even successful rock stars like Eric Clapton.

Marcus is committed to the continuing excellence of the traditional English style of embellishment and its evolution into new forms which has resulted in the exciting working collaboration with Conway Stewart, creating the finest British made writing instruments with traditional engraving designs.

It takes many hours to meticulously engrave each Balmoral limited edition. Particular attention to detail is made on the barrel end, cap stopper, cap band and the decorated band on the gripping section that features the signature of Marcus Hunt and the individual limited edition number of the Balmoral pen.

Image of Marcus Hunt, Master EngraverThe Balmoral is created from solid sterling silver and is based on Conway Stewart's award winning design triumphs. Crafted from rods of solid sterling silver and complemented with a hand applied translucent resin veneer, the Sterling Silver Duro is an unique celebration of colour, design and quality British craftsmanship. Conway Stewart is the only international pen company creating this type of overlay on precious metal.

Due to the fact that the Balmoral is labour intensive to hand engraved, Conway Stewart is launching this magnificent work of art in an exclusive edition of just 15 fountain pens world-wide.

The Balmoral is housed in the Conway Stewart luxury gift presentation packaging and is available in a choice of eight solid 18 carat gold nibs: Extra Fine to Extra Broad, Italic Fine, Italic Medium and Italic Broad. Filling is through the convenient converter cartridge system.

Conway Stewart anticipates the Balmoral to sell out very quickly and to be placed proudly in any pen collection as well as become a future family heirloom.

Image of Balmoral Limited Edition

Balmoral Limited Edition
15 numbered pieces available in fountain pen writing mode

Retail List Price Fountain Pen -
LIST RETAIL £1,550 €1,785 $2,500


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