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"Nelson Series II"

Winter 2006 welcomes the launch of our Nelson Series II. Available in four colours for fountain pen, roller ball, matching ball pen and pencil writing modes, this is an exciting new addition to our popular Nelson series.

In keeping with the Nelson series much loved impressive heft and balance the Series II continues to feature a solid weighty barrel that is always perfectly poised, even when used without posting the cap. This pen has proven itself to be never out of place, from the most elegant of black tie affair to a simple afternoon out.

The cap features three solid 18-carat gold bands -- one large and two slim denoting Nelson's rank of Vice Admiral at the Battle of Trafalgar. An additional 18-carat solid gold band sets off the stylishly tapered barrel. The matching ball pen and pencil have gold plated tips to match the solid 18-carat solid gold trim.

The Nelson Series II is available in the following new colours -- energetic Black Whirl, chic Dartmoor, glistening Red Stardust and the traditional Woodgrain.

Image of Conway Stewart Nelson II in Black Whirl

The Black Whirl Nelson II is perfect companion for lovers of our Crimson Whirl. Both bold and adventurous, this finish is a hit for those who demand the cutting edge of design.

Shimmering shades of pearlescent deep red are blended together to form the backdrop to swirling lines of rich black. The effect is stunning and outspoken. The Black Whirl is both bold and adventurous taking this whirl design to new heights

Due to the individual nature of this material, no two Black Whirl Nelson series II pens will look exactly alike.


Our Dartmoor is the perfect colour for those who want to step away from the mundane world of simple elegant basic black, while retaining the quiet and understated nature of a dark pen.

Dartmoor is an interesting series of browns, shimmering with suppressed highlights, marbled into a deep black background.

It is deceptively simple in its mixture of somber shades, and allows the owner to experience the best of both worlds: elegant and classic design, with a touch of shimmering fashion.

Image of Conway Stewart Nelson II in Dartmoor
Image of Conway Stewart Nelson II in Red Stardust

Our new Red Stardust Nelson II blossoms from within, combining deep shimmering shades of crimson streaked with glowing pearl highlights. All speckled throughout with pinpoint reflective accents!

Red Stardust is not a colour choice for the faint of heart, it explodes onto any scene, from the most conservative of boardrooms to the trendiest of bistros, the Red Stardust Nelson II announces its owner as a person possessed of both refined taste as well as a sense of adventure.

Hard rubber or Ebonite, it has been a staple material for the manufacture of fine writing instruments since the late 1800s.

Our choice of ebonite material is driven by our desire to offer you a true link to the golden era of classic fountain pens, coupled with a thoroughly modern design.

Woodgrain is a pattern of red and black, in a material that warms to the touch as you hold it.

Our Woodgrain ebonite delivers a combination of tactile and visual excitement.

Image of Conway Stewart Nelson II in Woodgrain

The Nelson Series II is housed in our luxury Conway Stewart centenary packaging.
It is lined in a deep lush velvet in our corporate colours.

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Retail prices for resin series


Retail List Price Resin Fountain Pen: £440, $760, €495
Retail List Price Resin Roller Ball: £399, $700, €455
Retail List Price Resin Ball Pen: £370, $660, €430
Retail List Price Resin Pencil: £370, $660, €430

Retail prices for ebonite series

Retail List Price Ebonite Fountain Pen: £510, $900, €585
Retail List Price Ebonite Roller Ball: £470, $820, €530
Retail List Price Ebonite Ball Pen: £440, $780, €505
Retail List Price Ebonite Pencil: £440, $780, €505

Image of Conway Stewart Presentation Packaging

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