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Image of Wordsworth Collectors Club Cardinal  Ripple

Limited to 100 pieces world-wide
Available only to members of the Conway Stewart Collectors Club
Retail List Price Fountain Pen or Roller Ball - 390 490 $690

In response to requests from members of the Collectors Club, Conway Stewart is pleased to announce the launch of the limited edition Wordsworth Collectors Club Cardinal Ripple. The new Wordsworth series brings a fresh, modern style to the Conway Stewart lineup with a mid size, superbly balanced fountain pen. Featuring a slight taper to the barrel end and a gently rounded cap top, the Wordsworth brings the flat top design into the twenty first century, while still holding true to the classic styling cues that made the original Conway Stewart pens famous during the 1920s.

Available exclusively to members of our Collectors Club, Conway Stewart is now making the Wordsworth model in a classic Cardinal Ripple Ebonite. The elegant light red shades of this material highlight both cap and barrel, set off with deep black grain structure throughout. Bringing the look of richly grained wood mixed with the warm red colours of all natural ebonite, Ripple Ebonite is a natural choice for a fine writing instrument that is at once deeply rooted in the classic history of Conway Stewart, while still providing an appealing alternative to today's high tech world of email and smart phones. Only 100 pieces will be made and orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis. This colour will not be repeated on this model thereafter and will not be available as a bespoke pen.

Hard rubber or Ebonite has been a staple material for the manufacture of fine writing instruments since the late 1800s. Our choice of ebonite material is driven by our desire to offer you a true link to the golden era of classic fountain pens, coupled with a thoroughly modern design. The Cardinal Ripple Ebonite material warms to the touch as you hold it and delivers a combination of tactile and visual excitement.


Collectors Club Wordsworth Cardinal Ripple Ebonite
Limited to 100 pieces world-wide. Available ONLY to members of the Conway Stewart Collectors Club

Closed: 130 mm - Posted (including nib): 164 mm - Barrel (including nib): 126 mm
Cap: 58.5 mm - Barrel diameter: 13 mm - Cap diameter: 15.9 mm - Weight: 33 gms

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